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Indie film ‘Red Machine’ on deck at Guelcher1 min read

28 October 2010 < 1 min read


Indie film ‘Red Machine’ on deck at Guelcher1 min read

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An independent film called “The Red Machine” will be shown at Mercyhurst College on Wednesday, and that raises the question: Just what is an independent film?

“The Red Machine” is a well-made and obviously low-budget indie that premiered a year ago at the Mill Valley Film Festival in California.

Much has been written about the rise of so-called “indies,” movies that were made without benefit of the major movie studios’ deep pockets. Independent filmmakers wished to express their own vision, one that didn’t merely imitate the historical epics and big musicals that brought huge studio profits.

By the 1990s, digital technology brought about smaller, cheaper cameras and easier editing techniques. Many more aspiring filmmakers have been able to realize their dreams — with far less cash in hand.

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