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Directors blame filmmaking crisis on Internet1 min read

26 October 2010 < 1 min read


Directors blame filmmaking crisis on Internet1 min read

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Filmmaking is currently in a state of crisis that has left directors struggling to find their footing, with many struggling even to survive.

One key villain is the Internet, which eats into traditional audiences and has made it hard for directors to get films made, said Irish director Neil Jordan, the competition jury at the Tokyo International Film Festival on Monday.

“There’s a real crisis in filmmaking right now, and that’s evidenced to me by the fact that every director I know is unemployed. Or almost everyone,” said the Oscar-winning Jordan, whose credits include “The Crying Game” and “Company of Wolves.”

“Festivals are enormously important because they’re one of the few avenues left for serious filmmaking, but it’s also important that films leap beyond the festival circuit to find audiences around the world.”

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