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Production Talk – ‘For Two’ by Tan Shijie1 min read

22 October 2010 < 1 min read


Production Talk – ‘For Two’ by Tan Shijie1 min read

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“For Two” is a short film about a woman who lives inside the cupboard of man’s apartment, and the curious relationship that they share.

The film competed in the 66th Venice International Film Festival in the Short Film competition (Corto Cortissimo).

“I did think of approaching the SFC for funding, but because of the tight timelines of my own schedule, I could not, and so I decided to use my own resources,” said director Tan Shijie in an interview with SINdie.

“The only thing that a director can do is to try to retain the essence of the original idea, that initial inspiration that started the thing in the first place. With For Two, I am satisfied that this was accomplished.”

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