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Alternative film screenings for the discerning cineaste

20 October 2010


Alternative film screenings for the discerning cineaste

Cineastes, filmmakers and hard core film buffs thirst for films that are not your regular Hollywood movie flicks, 3D feature films, or mainstream Filipino films.

Venues such as the CCP theater, the UPFI Film Center, small cafes, restaurants, bars, and viewing rooms become microcinemas where audiences can view the films on a pull down screen.

Aside from the film screenings, some places also offer food and an open forum with the filmmaker after the screening. According to Teddy Co, known as the “walking encyclopedia of Philippine Cinema,” this seems most suitable for a developing country like the Philippines since we can’t afford to put up “art house theaters”.

So just what are the films showings in these kinds of film series, where are in Philippines and what are the stories behind these events?

Read the list of film screenings here >>

via GMA News

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