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Unrequited love, dirty linen and the monsoons

18 October 2010


Unrequited love, dirty linen and the monsoons

Kiran Rao is far from classic Bollywood; she is new Mumbai. She didn’t grow up seeing Bollywood films.

Her cinematic influences are from  wave: Tsai-Ming Liang from Taiwan and Wong Kar-wai from Hong Kong.

She shoots her film in old-fashioned 16 mm, which she says “is silly and romantic but I love it. It gives the film a lovely grain that I wanted it to have.”

But if she has lived in Aamir Khan’s shadow until now, quietly producing films like Peepli Live, Dhobi Ghat is her time to emerge from that shadow and take her rightful place on the world cinema stage. She creates a Mumbai that is intimate, quiet and intermittently still in unexpected, off-guard moments.

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via The Express Tribune

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