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Qi Yuwu films his first English movie1 min read

12 October 2010 < 1 min read


Qi Yuwu films his first English movie1 min read

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The actor who’s been involved in both local and overseas films like 881, Painted Skin and 14 Blades, is now filming his first movie entirely in English. The movie is a 3D action-thriller about a freak tsunami that hits a sleepy seaside town on the Gold Coast, trapping dozens of local shoppers and tourists in a flooded underground supermarket and car park filled with a pack of hungry tiger sharks.

He explained to xinmsn, “This is a valuable and brand new experience for me. Although I’ve worked in Australia before, I’ve never worked with a world class team on a 3D set. Even the storyline and role is totally new to me.”

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