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Film Haunting at Old Changi1 min read

13 August 2010 < 1 min read


Film Haunting at Old Changi1 min read

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Earlier this year, four Singapore filmmakers got together to shoot a documentary at Old Changi Hospital. Titled Haunted Changi, the documentary is a low-budget effort that wrapped its shoot in a couple of days.

Producer Sheena Chung says the night shoot took a horrifying turn when director Andrew Lau got her to spend ten minutes inside the rooms with only one cameraman for company.

Both the cameraman and her claim that they saw ghosts. Farid Azlam, the soundman on site, also gives an account of what he believes he saw in the dark.

The filmmakers insist that the images they have captured on film are real, but netizens have dismissed spooky online pictures of their expedition as artificial.

Haunted Changi opens in cinemas on September 2.

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