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Singapore actor-comedian Mark Lee’s directorial debut1 min read

5 August 2010 < 1 min read


Singapore actor-comedian Mark Lee’s directorial debut1 min read

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Multi-talented Mark Lee is taking a shot at directing his first feature film, entitled The Ghost Bride. Starring his long-time collaborator, Henry Thia, and himself, the movie is based on the theme of Chinese traditional ghost marriages, also known as “minghun”.

Henry plays a man who participates in a marriage ceremony between himself and a female ghost.

The movie is one half of a two-part comedy dabbling in the horror genre, entitled The Ghost Must Be Crazy. The other half of the film is Boris Boo’s Who Is The Ghost, an army reservist ghost story.

Regarding the experience of directing, Mark has shared with Today newspaper, “It feels great, because you get to control everything – when you say, ‘Move the camera there’, it moves. It’s also painful, because you have to control everything. You’re the boss, and because of that, you have to take care of everything that goes wrong.”

The Ghost Must Be Crazy is produced by J Team Productions with a $1.2million budget, and will be distributed by Golden Village Pictures. It opens in cinemas in mid-November.

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