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Tsui Hark ventures into 3D for Dragon Gate, Flying Shell1 min read

29 July 2010 < 1 min read


Tsui Hark ventures into 3D for Dragon Gate, Flying Shell1 min read

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In building a full-fledged 3D team and studio, Hong Kong film director Tsui Hark has spent two years learning from foreign experts, trying to overcome the challenges of filming in 3D.

Tsui Hark’s film crew comprises of top talents from the US, namely Avatar’s visual effects supervisor Chuck Comisky, and from Singapore, Korea and China. The crew is currently doing a test shoot over a period of 3 months before commencing the actual film shoot.

The test shoot is of major importance in preempting the technical pitfalls of filming in 3D. The manpower and quantity of resources utilized on the test shoot is comparable with that of the actual shoot, with the film crew training themselves to use ten sets of cameras at a time.

Director Tsui Hark believes that learning to master 3D technology will be a great boon to the Chinese film industry.

He is naming the film Dragon Gate, Flying Shell to differentiate it as a stand-alone film, and not the remake of New Dragon Inn (1992). This upcoming film will feature an entirely different story involving a few essential characters from New Dragon Inn.

It is yet unknown whether Jet Li, who has reportedly been offered US$12m, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, and Guey Lun Mei are joining the cast of Dragon Gate, Flying Shell.

The film’s publicist says that while the cast has been determined, they will only be announced just before production begins in October.

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