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Launch of 120 MALAY MOVIES1 min read

21 July 2010 < 1 min read


Launch of 120 MALAY MOVIES1 min read

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Author Amir Muhammad will be launching his new book. 120 MALAY MOVIES, on the 31st of July at the Singapore Art Museum.

The launch includes an hour-long talk by Amir, in which a DVD will also be shown.  The book will, be available for sale, a first edition which will not be available in bookshops.

120 MALAY MOVIES is a romp through the films that were made in Singapore and then in Kuala Lumpur from 1948 to 1972. (120 represents about a third of all Malay-language films during that period, and this book features most of the famous titles as well as some overlooked gems.) Malaysian writer and filmmaker Amir Muhammad watched them in chronological order and responds to the stories in his own contemporary context.

How was the world depicted in those films different from the one we live in today? This book is a serio-comic interrogation into how the iconic fantasies of the past might have unexpected reverberations in the present.

About the Author
Amir Muhammad is a Malaysian writer, publisher and movie-maker. His films include the banned-in-Malaysia documentaries THE LAST COMMUNIST and VILLAGE PEOPLE RADIO SHOW. He set up Matahari Books in 2007 to publish non-fiction and film-related books.

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