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Golden Horse introduces Best New Director award1 min read

12 July 2010 < 1 min read


Golden Horse introduces Best New Director award1 min read

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Hong Kong’s Golden Horse Awards will introduce a new prize for first-time feature film directors this year.

A new generation of Taiwanese filmmakers have warranted the inclusion of this “Best New Director” award, and it has been in discussion in recent years that this new wave of filmmakers should be recognized for their contribution in redefining local cinema.

The submission process for films has now opened and closes on 17 August. The spoken language of the film must be predominantly a Chinese dialect, but the film may originate from anywhere in the world.

Submissions have also opened for the Awards’ parallel Film & TV Film Project Promotion market. To qualify, films must either be predominantly in the Chinese language or shot on-location in Taiwan. The top prize in the project market is NT$1 million ($31,000).

This year’s Golden Horse Awards ceremony will be held in Taoyuan County on 20 November.

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