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Steadfast | Dilated3 min read

16 June 2010 4 min read


Steadfast | Dilated3 min read

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STEADFAST | Singapore | Action | 2010 | 36 minutes | English | NC16
Director: David Liu & Linus Chen

DILATED | USA | Action | 2010 | 20 minutes | English | TBA
Director: Brian L Tan

Premieres 9th July 2010

The chairman of an international defense systems corporation attempts to reveal a major financial cover-up, but finds himself the target of an assassin. He also faces the pressure of his fellow directors to remain silent for the sake of their company.

Only a lone government agent is sent to neutralize the killer, but soon discovers a larger, more sinister scheme at work than a simple hit. In a violent world where the strongest survive, can the hope for peace remain steadfast?

About the Film:

Probably the most ambitious and biggest modern action film made in Singapore, the film features a cast of over 50 people, military and police gun-blazing sequences, and a motorcade of BMWs. STEADFAST is a non-profit independent film made by two very ambitious young directors from Singapore. The film is supported by The Singapore Film Commission.

Left for dead, abandoned, and confused, test subject D.I.C. cant recall anything about his past life. With a group of relentless mercenaries hot on his tail, all he knows is that they want him dead or alive.

Slowly unraveling a sinister plot perpetrated by the highest levels of government, he learns that he may be the key to solving a mysterious, adverse epidemic that threatens the very fabric of society; a fact that still doesnt stop him from kicking ass and going out with a bang.

About the Film:

Dilated is a short film by FPS Productions Los Angeles, shot for less than $10,000, yet features a high-octane car chase, military Humvees, and a cast and crew of more than 200 people. A student film pooling talent from UCLA and other institutes, Dilated was the brainchild of Director/Producer Brian L. Tan, who wanted to make a satirical “˜Hollywood-based’ action comedy for less than a hundredth of what it would cost the average studio. Dilated was one of the first action films shot with the revolutionary Canon 5D Mk II DSLR camera over three weekends in locations ranging from the metropolitan Los Angeles region to the City of Riverside and beyond.

About the Directors of STEADFAST:

David Liu
David Liu started making films when he was 14 and has since produced 7 films including his most recent work, STEADFAST. His works have gained him recognition in several film festivals like the Canon DV Fest and among other independent filmmakers both locally and internationally. Besides production, directing and editing, David is also involved in the prop-making industry, having been mentored by the Australian prop-makers of Star Wars Episode II when it began production in Sydney.

Linus Chen
Linus Chen was born in Singapore but lived in the US for the majority of his life, graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a B.A. in Film & Digital Media with a concentration on Production. He moved back to Singapore as an aspiring filmmaker as he found the country to be a perfect place to start. He has produced a number of short films before embarking on STEADFAST.

David Liu & Linus Chen
With their combined experiences in filmmaking, David Liu and Linus Chen continue to strive to make epic action narratives in Singapore’s local cinema. Having directed and produced their own short films, STEADFAST marks their first co-director collaboration and their biggest production to date. They currently head FPS Productions, Singapore; a film production entity comprising of people from the local film industry, freelancers, and students who are passionate about independent filmmaking.

David and Linus also served as Overseas Producers on DILATED.

Both will also be present at a special screening of the films on the 10th of July, 3pm, and will be conducting a Q&A session after.

Steadfast | Dilated will be screening at Sinema Old School for a limited period from 9th July.

Tickets are $10 each (with the exception of the 10th July special screening).


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