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Children’s Season at The Singapore Art Museum1 min read

4 June 2010 1 min read


Children’s Season at The Singapore Art Museum1 min read

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In conjunction with Children’s Season at the Singapore Art Museum, the Moving Image Gallery is proud to present a selection of short films for and about children.

Made by filmmakers from Singapore, Asia, Europe and the USA, these shorts range from colourful stop-motion animations and whimsical fairytails to animal fables and school dramas. There is plenty for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

Date: 14 May to 18 July 2010
Venue: SAM at 8Q, Level2

For a full list of films and their timings, visit the Exhibition Page.

About Children’s Season

The Singapore Art Museum will host its inaugural Children’s Season in May. Young people will be introduced to contemporary art in an interactive, supportive and fun family environment. The entire SAM at 8 Queen Street building will be transformed into magical art gardens showcasing artist projects and artworks inspired by nature.

Selected for their imagination and interactivity, these displays will be accompanied with captions to engage young visitors with the art works. Activity sheets inspired by the art works will enhance the children’s learning experience. Young visitors can also participate in a series of artists’ workshops and enjoy short film screenings.

About The Moving Image Gallery

The Moving Image Gallery is a new plaform dedicated to showcasing fresh and compelling video art, digital film, indendents movies, art movies, art cinema, and experimental animation. By exploring contemporary issues through these visual media, audiences will discover new ways of experiencing art.

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