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Studying film in Singapore?8 min read

5 May 2010 6 min read


Studying film in Singapore?8 min read

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Want to study film and media in Singapore but not sure where to go?

We’ve come up with a fact sheet that will provide the essential information you need to know!

Nitec Certification

ITE East & West

Nitec in Digital Audio & Video Production

ITE’s Nitec in Digital Audio & Video Production seeks to equip students with several essential skills in the pre-production, production and post-production aspects. This includes the handling of audio and video equipment and culminates with a final year video development project.

Location: ITE West (Ang Mo Kio), ITE East (Changi)
Duration: 2 years full time
Fees: $318 each year


Lasalle College of The Arts

Diploma in Film

Lasalle’s film diploma features various modules on screen-writing, directing, cinematography, production, post-production, as well as film & classic narrative history. Students graduate with a diploma after 2 years and can opt to move on to a Bachelor degree for an additional year. During which, they will have to undertake a specialized final film project.

Location: Rochor / Bencoolen
Duration: 2 years for diploma, 3 years for Bachelor Degree
Tuition Fees: $21,000 for each year


Diploma in Mass Communications

MDIS UniCampus Singapore’s Diploma in Mass Communications course which gives students a broad understanding of the many different aspects of mass communications. Across the duration of the course, students will be exposed to professional writing and speaking, as well as journalism, TV & film production as well as advertising. The Diploma is jointly awarded with the Oklahoma City University

Location: Queenstown
Duration: 11-12 months (Full Time / Day Programme), Minimum 1 year (Evening Programme)
Tuition Fees: $4,815 for full time, $4,708 for evening programme

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Diploma in Design & Media (Video Production)

This diploma aims to give students a firm grounding in skills required for working in the advertising and media industries. It starts off with a year of foundational studies, with major studies of video production following in the 2nd and 3rd years. Major studies include that of Film & Camera Techniques, Acting & Directing, Scriptwriting, Screenplay & Storyboarding, Video Editing, Production Planning, Portfolio Development & Presentation among others. Upon completion of the diploma programme, students can opt to enroll in a relevant degree programme conducted by NAFA in partnership with local or overseas partner universities.

Location: Bencoolen
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: $7,000 per year, $4,000 a year (with tuition grants)

Nanyang Polytechnic

Diploma in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design

Nanyang Polytechnic’s Diploma in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design is a design heavy course that seeks to develop talents for the film, digital media and TV industries (more specifically, post-production houses). Creating engaging visuals is the key and studies include that of short narrative creation, motion design, broadcast design, 3D for motion graphics as well as industrial attachments in the final year.

Location: Ang Mo Kio
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: $2,150 per year

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Diploma in Film, Sound and Video

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Film, Sound and Video is one of the most established film courses in Singapore. Graduates include Anthony Chen, who garnered a Special Mention Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Students are grounded in foundations, and will learn about the narrative as well as the technical aspects of film in their 3 years here. In the final year, students must either take on an Industry-Based Project or embark on a relevant internship. Graduates of this course may be given advanced standing at local or overseas film schools. For one, FSV graduates qualify for a 2 year advanced standing at Chapman University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative production, which can be undertaken in Singapore. Advanced standing to NTU’s ADM can also be attained.

Location: Clementi
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: $2,150 per year

Diploma in Mass Communications

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Mass Communications is an established program which features TV studios, radio studios and editing suites. Names such as Cheryl Fox and Jean Danker rank among their alumni. Students will be taken through foundational modules for the first 2 years, before choosing their specialization and going for relevant internships in the 3rd year. Specializations include broadcast media, journalism and publishing as well as advertising & public relations.

Location: Clementi
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: $2,150 per year

Republic Polytechnic

Diploma in New Media

Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in New Media puts a strong emphasis on personal creativity and technical competency, educating students in a wide range of media. Students will be taught how to best utilize technology to aid in their creative process and graduates should be capable of working in the media industry (broadly speaking).

Location: Woodlands
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: $2,150 per year

SAE Institute

Diploma in Digital Film Production

This diploma is a one year course which serves to help students attain a wide-reaching understanding and skill-set in all of the main areas related to digital computer-based film production and post production. Essential skills and techniques are taught in a creative atmosphere advocating individual practical time and experimentation, with a strong emphasis on the practical application of design and theoretical concepts. Students will complete several projects with professional equipment provided by SAE Institute.

Location: River Valley
Duration: 1 year
Tuition Fees: $14,000

Temasek Polytechnic

Diploma in Moving Images

Students studying in this course enjoy the privilege of being able to work with High Definition cameras and post-production suites. Much akin to Ngee Ann’s fore-mentioned FSV Course, the fundamentals of film-making will be imparted the students in the first 2 years and they can choose their preferred specialization in their final year.

Location: Tampines
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: $2,150 per year

Diploma in Communications and Media Management

This course’s goal is to develop communication specialists of the future, ones who possess the necessary skill-set to operate adeptly in the mass media and related industries. To start off, students will be taught on the basics of mass media and print journalism. The following year, students will be equipped with rudimentary skills in audio, radio, video and television production. In the final year, students are required to complete a relevant internship and select a specialization of their preference (Print, Broadcast or Media Marketing)

Location: Tampines
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: $2,150 per year

Bachelor Degrees

NTU: School of Art, Design and Media

BFA in Digital Filmmaking

This course (as do all courses at NTU’s ADM) heavily emphasizes upon a strong arts foundation in the 1st year of studies. In the subsequent 3 years, ADM film students will learn to express their ideas via the use of a consistent and controlled visual style. The program also touches on the other productive aspects of film-making such as efficient fiscal planning and management and also stresses on the relationship between Singaporean culture and film.

Location: Jurong
Duration: 4 years
Tuition Fees: Year 1- $6805, Subsequent Years- $7080

NTU: School of Communications and Information

Bachelor of Communication Studies (Honours) ““ Division of Broadcast & Cinema Studies

The Division of Broadcast and Cinema Studies within NTU’s SCI covers subjects ranging from television & multimedia production to broadcast journalism. Students will also study about production and film production in this courses. This course seeks to gear students towards corporate executive positions or civil service niche areas, as compared to the ADM course which aims to nurture individuals for the creative industry.

Location: Jurong
Duration: 4 years
Tuition Fees: Year 1- $6805, Subsequent Years- $7080

NUS: Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Bachelor of Communication and New Media

NUS’s Faculty of Arts and Social Science is offering a 4 year program in Communications and New Media, seeking to offer students a foundation to pursue careers in areas such as communication management, new media design, policy & research. A multidisciplinary approach is adopted such that students get a well-rounded understanding of the subject. Students can expect to learn a wide myriad of topics including media writing, game design, media management and New Media’s relevance today. Internship opportunities also available during the programme.

Location: NUS Kent Ridge Campus
Duration: 4 years
Tuition Fees: $6,250 per year

Ngee Ann Poly – Chapman University

BFA in Creative Producing

Ngee Ann Poly and Chapman University have partnered together to offer this course. This course focuses heavily upon production and students will learn from members of the established Dodge College faculty here in Singapore. Summer immersion programmes to Los Angeles are available and students can opt to work with Dodge College students to produce documentaries either in Singapore or at Chapman’s main campus in Orange County, California. Graduates will be awarded with a BFA from Chapman University.

Location: Clementi
Duration: 2 years
Prerequisite: Diploma (minimally) from local program
Tuition Fees: $6,700 per year

Master Degrees

Tisch Asia

MFA in Film

This is an intensive 3-year conservatory program offered by the local campus of the renowned Tisch School of The Arts, New York. It looks to further develop student’s narrative voice and technical virtuosity. Student learn in a very practical fashion by doing it all- writing, directing, producing, shooting and crewing. Across the duration of the course, students will direct 3 short productions, a 10 minute film as well as a thesis film.

Location: Tanglin
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: US$42,658 per year

MFA in Producing

In this program, producers are trained as thinking artists, whose unique education prepares them for global challenges. Individuals will get to cover all facets of producing, financing and marketing and receive training in multiple artistic mediums. They can also choose to specialize in a field of their choice (film/TV, theatre, new media, music). Essentially, students will possess the necessary framework to understand producing as both an art form and a business profession.

Location: Tanglin
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees:US$42,118 per year

MFA in Dramatic Writing

The Tisch Asia MFA in Dramatic Writing is a 2-year course teaching the craft and principles of script writing over multiple platforms. Writers will collaborate closely with the other students in other disciplines at Tisch to create novel productions of the future.

Location: Tanglin
Duration: 3 years
Tuition Fees: US$41,868 per year

*All fees listed are subject to change.

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