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Under the Banyan Tree: Open Air Cinema (APRIL)2 min read

22 April 2010 2 min read


Under the Banyan Tree: Open Air Cinema (APRIL)2 min read

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Celebrate the romance & magic of cinema with your family and friends in a refreshing open-air setting as some of your favourite and most beloved movie classics are screened Under the Banyan Tree.

The films for the month of April are Thunderbirds Are Go! and The Time Machine.

Venue: Stamford Garden
Admission is FREE

Thunderbirds Are Go!


Friday 23 April 2010, 8pm
1966 | UK | 93 min | 35mm | PG | David Lane

Thunderbirds Are Go! is the big screen incarnation of the cult British puppet television series, The Thunderbirds. Set in the 21st century, it follows the adventures of International Rescue, an elite organisation headed by millionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy and his five sons.

On their first manned flight to Mars, their rescue mission is threatened by strange snake-like rock formations that shoot fireballs; and in a surreal dream sequence, marionette versions of Cliff Richard and the Shadows perform a song called “Shooting Star”.

The Thunderbirds remains hugely popular even today, with the series attracting new fans on cable television and toys, inspired by the series, still produced every year.

The Time Machine

TimeMachine_mainSaturday 24 April 2010, 8pm
1960 | USA | 103 min | 35mm | PG | George Pal

Based on the popular H.G. Wells novel, The Time Machine is a rousing science fiction adventure of an English gentleman who invents a time machine that allows him to travel into the future.

Rod Taylor plays George, a brilliant but restless inventor who longs for a better future. On New Year’s Eve 1899, he climbs on board his time machine and travels first to 1917, then to the 1920s and 1940s, only to be confronted with war and destruction. Next he stops in 1966, where he finds himself trapped in his cellar by molten lava from a nuclear explosion. To escape, he pushes forward to the year 802,701, where he emerges into a Garden of Eden populated by a carefree race called the Eloi. George soon discovers that the Eloi are controlled by the monstrous Morlocks, who lives beneath the Earth in underground caves.

Filled with incredible stop-motion effects, The Time Machine is an entertaining and thought-provoking classic about what it means to be human in the future.

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