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MediaCorp’s Raintree Pictures partners Boku Films1 min read

1 March 2010 < 1 min read


MediaCorp’s Raintree Pictures partners Boku Films1 min read

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Raintree Pictures has entered into a two-year partnership with Boku Films to build up its movie business in the region, allowing them to collaborate in production, movie development and distribution.

This collaboration will help both parties grow regionally.

Kelvin Tong, creative director of Boku Films, said: “Raintree Pictures is an icon in Singapore’s growing film landscape. To be invited to collaborate with Raintree is synonymous with being invited to take an active part in the shaping of Singapore cinema.

“It is an honour as well as an exciting challenge. My team and I at Boku Films are delighted by the forging of this exhilarating partnership.”

Said Man Shu Sum, managing director of Raintree Pictures: “Boku Films have been at the forefront of creating acclaimed films with commercial success and we are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring.

Source: CNA

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