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Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta: Ain’t It All1 min read

22 February 2010 2 min read


Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta: Ain’t It All1 min read

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Ain’t It All, is yet another of the nine films that will be screened here at Sinema later this week. We speak to creator Chantel Li, on her film about overcoming challenges.

Catch Ain’t It All, and more, during the Panasonic DFF screenings on the 24th and 25th of February.


How long have you been making films, and have you been doing it full time or part time?

Started out in Oct 2008 by taking a short film course. I am doing it as a hobby and this is currently my third film.

AintItAllCan you tell us a bit about your film?

I started out with the concept of exploring what dexterity means and how we use it in daily life to handle challenges. So i weaved a story that showcases how two individuals , each one lacking in either physical or verbal adroitness, deal with it in their own ways.

Where did you get inspiration for your film?

Hmm, no particular source actually. But loosely from reading articles of teenage bullying on the rise, some books on bruce lee….

Which is your favourite scene and why?

Franky, i like the NG scenes best. Haha. But if i were to choose, probably would be the face-off between the 2 characters.

What were some of the things you learnt from the mentorship?

I would say that all elements which includes cinematography, music, acting and story must all blend together. Miss out any one element and you wouldnt get a good broth. Making a film is very much like cooking. It’s a very delicate balance and probably years of working on the craft.

Any plans for your next project?

A couple of ideas, but i need to take a break first and then look for funding. 🙂

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