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SAMPLIFY! March – The Screenwriters Edition1 min read

9 March 2009 < 1 min read


SAMPLIFY! March – The Screenwriters Edition1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The March edition of SAMPLIFY! will be a forum about screenwriters!

sampfull.jpgCatch acclaimed local screenwriters Boris Boo (I Do I Do, I Not Stupid, The Best Bet, Love Matters), Ngin Chiang Meng (Police & Thief, Sweet Tapioca Porridge, 80’s Rewind, Triple Nine) and James Toh (Drive, Love Matters, 12 Storeys, Chinese Rose) as they discuss all the issues concerning screenwriting in the Singapore media industry.

Grab this opportunity to ask them anything and everything you ever wanted to know about screenwriting!

Save the date and see you there on Wednesday March 18th at Sinema Old School!

7.30pm Registration
8.00pm Panel Discussion
9.00pm Q&A

Admission: $5

For bookings, call us at +65.6336.9707, or e-mail us at

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