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Objectifs Films Presents: A Royston Tan Retrospective2 min read

27 November 2008 2 min read


Objectifs Films Presents: A Royston Tan Retrospective2 min read

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Careless Whisper (PG)

Drama | English w/ English Subtitles | 12minsÂ

Director: Royston Tan

Patrick is a failed contestant from Singapore Idol. Famous locally for his inaudible rendition of “Careless Whisper”. This short films about a quirky character, also named Patrick, who finds himself falling in love with a girl named Pinkie.

Patrick tries to find a way of wooing Pinkie,
finally deciding to sing to her. But as he makes his preparations, it
becomes obvious his unique way of singing will have little chance of
winning Pinkie’s heart.

D.I.Y (PG)

Musical/Dance | 6mins |Â

Director: Royston Tan

Through out the island, different individuals are engaged in varying
day-to-day activities and are caught up in their own thoughts; but they
are all connected. In D.I.Y, the squeak of dirty plates, the tap of a
finger against a seafood against a seafood restaurant aquarium, the
thump of feet inside a cargo lift, and many other disparate sound, all
come together into a quirky and funky piece of beat science, a human –
and humane – music.

Hock Hiap Leong (PG)

Comedy Short| Mandarin w/ English Subtitles | 6minsÂ

Director: Royston Tan

The film is a tribute to a 55 year old coffee shop on Armenian
Street in Singapore, that has been an inspiration to many. The
demolishing of the coffee shop in 2001 inspired the filmmaker to
capture this piece of history. This short film illustrates a film a
filmmaker’s reminscence and affection for this coffee shop where he had
spent his childhood. Though its physical presence is no longer there,
the familiar scent of its coffee remains to perpetuate and every detail
in this coffee shop continues to linger vividly in his mind.

Monkey Love (PG)

Experimental | Japanese w/ English Subtitles | 10minsÂ

Director: Royston Tan
A mediation of love and longing, this film is set in the beautiful
landscape of Hokkaido, Japan. A young boy whimsically dressed in a
monkey suit searches for lost love. Pensive, lyrical and spare, this
film embodies the characteristics of a Japanese haiku.

Mother (PG)

2002 | Experimental Drama | Mandarin w/ English Subtitles | 6mins

Director: Royston Tan

After 10 years of wondering through his life, a son returns home to
reconcile his relationship with his mother. Infused with an ironic mix
of nostalgic sentimentality and contempt, Mother explores the love/hate
relationship between a mother and son.

Sons (PG)

2000 | Drama | Hokkien with English subtitles | 10mins

Director: Royston Tan

Seeking to reach out to his son, a father expresses his wish to fix a relationship that has become cold and distant.

Tickets are priced at $6/*$5 for all six films
*Applies only for concessions.

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