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S’pore 3D industry gets $10m1 min read

26 November 2008 2 min read


S’pore 3D industry gets $10m1 min read

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The recent 3DX film and entertainment technology festival has just wrapped, and with good news: the local government has aims to set up a $10 million fund to help the development of the 3D film industry, as announced by Lee Boon Yang, minister for the Information, Communication and the Arts.

3dxlogoshadow.jpg“We will put together a 3D development fund of at least S$10 million ($6.55 million) to support content projects, 3D infrastructure, production and post-production facilities and training initiatives for 3D film makers over the next two years,” Lee said. “The Media Development Authority will work closely with broadcasters, content producers and innovative media companies who share our interest and enthusiasm for 3D content.”

As previously announced, part of the fund will be used by Komodo Films in Brian Yuzna’s films.

The rest of the funds will be split, part of which will also go to Iceberg Design, who has plans to upgrade its facility to become Singapore’s first post-production facility with stereoscopic 3D capabilities.

Lee Boon Yang has also said that the government aims to create a permanent facility for 3D production in Singapore: “We have earmarked a piece of land at One-North for media infrastructure: sound stages, digital production, video & audio post-production labs, visual effects facilities and rendering farms. This will be a private-public endeavor. The Government will provide the basic infrastructure and private developers will be invited to build and operate the media support facilities.”

He also pushed for 3D to be used in other related entertainment spheres, as well as in sports, military training, medicine and in advertising.

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