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Apple updates FCP, Color, Compressor & Shake1 min read

22 November 2008 2 min read


Apple updates FCP, Color, Compressor & Shake1 min read

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Apple has released the Pro Applications Update for users of Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, so read on for a brief summary of the new updates straight from the release notes.

apple-logo.jpgFINAL CUT PRO 6.0.5

Improved High-Precision Rendering: Improved reliability when rendering still images and footage in high-resolution formats.

Extended Metadata Support for the Panasonic AG-HMC150 Camcorder: FCP 6.0.5 now captures the additional metadata for footage recorded with the Panasonic AG-HMC150 professional AVCHD camcorder.

Improved Support for the Panasonic HDC-SD9 Camcorder:
Enhanced precision and reliability when ingesting files from the Panasonic HDC-SD9 camcorder.

Improved Support for Metadata Imported from P2 Cards:
Now supports extended metadata captured in P2 cards.

Apple has addressed a previous bug which caused existing QuickClusters to be removed when the ‘Back to My Mac’ feature was enabled in Leopard. The function now works properly, so in case you have not ventured into QuickClusters, it is a automated process of creating and configuring clusters manually on Apple Qmaster.

COLOR 1.0.3
Color now provides support for these formats:
– XDCAM 422
– RED plug-ins for Final Cut Studio

Plus, it also promises improved application reliability in the trackers in the Geometry room; the Reconform command; and the adjustment of the Minimum and Maximum nodes in the Color FX room.

EDL and DPX image sequences handling have also been improved, plus the display LUTs now indicate consistently whenever a display LUT is applied to a project under the Project Settings tab.

SHAKE 4.1.1
Shake has addressed compatibility issues for QuickTime codecs greater than 8 bits. Please note that this version is an update for version 4.1, so you can only install the update on top of Shake 4.1.

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