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Singapore to produce US $20m worth of HD content

15 October 2008


Singapore to produce US $20m worth of HD content

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and locally-based Mega Media have announced a partnership worth US$20 million at the opening day of this year’s MIPCOM (a media content related event held annually at Cannes).

moeny.jpgThe partnership also involves Rainbow HD’s Voom HD Networks and Singapore’s Infinite Frameworks in a deal to co-produce and distribute at least 200 hours of high-definition content over the next five years.

Voom HD Networks and Singapore’s Infinite Frameworks (IFW) will both share production costs of US$10 million each, with the two collaborating with top production companies from around the world to create first-rate programming ranging from sports, art,  and lifestyle to even fashion and music. IFW’s facilities will hold all post-productions on these projects.

“Voom’s objective is to not only supply the best in HD to the international marketplace, but to also seek out and identify producers in Asia and elsewhere whose content and vision complement our key brands,” said Greg Moyer, Voom’s General Manager. “By collaborating with IFW, we are able to offer just that — programming with both incredible viewer appeal and a natural synergy with the Voom HD Networks suite of channels.”

Added Dr Christopher Chia, MDA’s CEO: “We are delighted with VOOM’s continued relationship with Singapore companies to produce high-definition factual content. The collaboration between VOOM and Infinite Frameworks dovetails with MDA’s efforts to raise the capabilities of Singapore’s media industry to finance, produce and distribute high quality content to a global audience.”

Voom is part of the HDTV division of Rainbow Media, based in the US, and has the biggest package of 15 HD channels that are available, 24 hours and seven days a week. This collaboration is significant to Rainbow as it marks the first major international co-production effort which directly supports the launch of VOOM HD Networks globally.

“The deal will also allow IFW to contribute as an executive producer, producer, and distributor of world-class HD content for a global audience,” this, according to IFW’s managing director Mike WIluan.

With this combination of talent, resources and experience, HD will be taken to a new level, and would position Singapore not only as a leader in quality HD programs, but also as a natural choice for a full range of media activities.

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