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The Marriage Factor1 min read

26 August 2008 < 1 min read


The Marriage Factor1 min read

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The Marriage Factor (PG)

2000 | Drama | Singapore | English | 60min

Director: Jean Yeo

The Marriage FactorThe Marriage Factor revolves around the lives of two thirty-something’s that don’t want to fall in love.  Pan Ming, (Wong Lilin), a professor of Anthropology at the University, is determined to never get into a relationship after she was humiliated by her first love.

She is cynical about love after her awful experience and because of her parent’s own loveless marriage.  Dr Wen, (Tay Ping Hui), is the thoughtful psychiatrist who gets in the way of Ming’s plans to remain independent and single.  He wrestles between admitting his feelings for Ming and respecting her feelings to stay single.

As Ming and Wen negotiate their very bumpy path to love, they are hindered by Su, Ming’s little sister who has a huge crush on Wen.  To add to their already tumultuous journey, Don, Ming’s first love, comes back into her life to get her back.

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