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Red Giant releases Magic Bullet Steady1 min read

12 August 2008 < 1 min read


Red Giant releases Magic Bullet Steady1 min read

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The celebrated Magic Bullet Suite of plug-ins for NLEs gets a new weapon in its arsenal for the growing “fix-it-in-post” culture – the Magic Bullet Steady.

mbs.jpgThe new software enlists powerful algorithms to analyse and detect motion in your footage and remove camera shakes, jitters and even noise. This is particularly useful not just for newly acquired materials, but scans of old films that very often produces jitters and weaves from film sprocket damages.

Its noise reduction engine also engages spatial and temporal data to work out true image values so that the noise disappears without turning everything else blurry. Customisable settings also give more control over the block size.

What’s perhaps most interesting is the Auto Zoom function, which crops off the black borders that result from the stabilisation, and you can even tweak this manually and determine just how zoom-ed in you want to go.

Though FCP and AE have built in stabilisers, this claims to triumph over them in terms of quality, as well as in speeds, so much so that you can achieve a Steadicam-like smoothness in post, so yes, it is indeed the era of fix-it-in-post!

Find out more about the Magic Bullet Steady (US$199) here.

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