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Cineon/DPX Pro 3.0.2a1 min read

8 August 2008 < 1 min read


Cineon/DPX Pro 3.0.2a1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Glue Tools has released the new version of Cineon/Dpx Pro for Final Cut Studio 2 with major stability improvements and bug fixes.

glu.jpgIntegrating fully with Final Cut Pro and Compressor, the tool will allow any Quick Time-based application to access Cineon and DPX files. Support for the popular AJA Kona 3 hardware is also included.

The new release also has 3D LUT support (also for Color) which is great news because colorists and DI artists can now see how the footage will look like with something as simple as the QuickTime Player. It also imports metadata into FCP straight into the XML, and allows users to also export Cineon and DPX files, which can then be sent to the DI lab, or even straight to film print.

Even sweeter – the application now allows you to work at 32-bit floating point, and with a powerful enough machine, you can do so at real-time. The system requirements mapped out, however, calls for deep pockets — not only must you have an 8-core MacPro equipped with 4GB of ram, your storage must also keep up, so high-speed, high capacity storage has become a necessity.

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