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Eating Air1 min read

7 August 2008 < 1 min read


Eating Air1 min read

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Eating Air (PG)

1999 | Romance| Singapore | English, Mandarin and Hokkien w/ English Subtitles|

Director: Kelvin Tong, Jasmine Ng

Cast: Benjamin Heng, Alvina Toh, Joseph Cheong, Andy Chng, Michelle Chong, Deborah Png, Kit Chan

eatingair1.jpgA romance between opposites, Eating Air follows the lives of two teenagers during the hottest month in the history of Singapore.

For Boy, breaking into bridal shops under moonlight is as wildly exciting as taking Girl on her first motorcycle spin through the blinding fluorescent tunnels of the CTE.

For Girl, hurtling down the highway faster than the speed of sound is as intoxicatingly frightening as wondering where Boy rushes off every time he receives a page at midnight.

As the joys and pangs of teenage love, Eating Air seeks the delirious madness that makes 18-year-olds an age invincible to low fuels, fists and oil puddles on the road. Eating Air is about a boy, a girl, a motorbike, and no brakes.

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