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New posters for 12 Lotus1 min read

7 June 2008 2 min read


New posters for 12 Lotus1 min read

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The latest poster collection for Royston Tan’s upcoming film 12 LOTUS was released recently and together with his newly set-up company Ten 28, much anticipation awaits the screens of Singapore as the date of the film’s release draws near.

Click to view in full sizeWritten and directed by Royston Tan, 12 LOTUS tells the story of a singer and the heartless men in her life who use and abuse her. Spanning over 1980s, 1990s till the present day, this film will play out against the backdrop of poignant hokkien songs, which will touch audience with their resonance with the lead character.

MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures, and Infinite Frameworks have come together to co-produce 12 Lotus. The movie will feature Qi Yu Wu, Mindee Ong and Liu Ling Ling, all of whom also starred in Royston’s previous box-office hit, 881.

Other people who have made the production possible also include acclaimed music composer Eric Ng and Ricky Ho; Director Of Photography, Alan Yap; Producer, Mabelyn Ow; Art Director, Tommy Chan and Costume Manager, Karen Khoo.

Watch this space for the exclusive interview with Royston Tan or visit the 1028-Ã¥Ã¤ºÅ’莲花 facebook group for more details. 12 LOTUS will be hitting the cinemas islandwide on 14th August 2008.


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