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S’pore Shorts Finalists2 min read

2 May 2008 2 min read


S’pore Shorts Finalists2 min read

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Missed the Singapore Shorts Finalists at this year’s Singapore International Film Festival? Sinema Old School brings you all seven of them this May at an exclusive encore screening! Screening every May Monday at 7:30pm, experience all seven shorts in all their glory on our big screen.

Kallang Roar
Cheng Ding An | Singapore | 2007 | 18:45 mins | PG

1977 — the last hope for Singapore football is in the hands of the uncontrollable eccentric genius Singapore coach, Uncle Choo. The tumultuous relationship between Football Association Chairman, Mr Ganesan and Uncle Choo is further tested as they both fight passionately to restore the Kallang roar.

Keluar Baris
Boo Junfeng | Singapore | 2007 | 16 mins | PG

“Keluar baris” means “fall out” in Malay, Singapore’s national language, the last command in a parade which every boy serving compulsory military in Singapore looks forward to hearing. An 18-year-old boy returns home from his studies in Europe two days before he is enlisted into the army. This story is his personal struggle between national duties and personal liberty.

Love Me, Love My Dogs
Lincoln Chia Zhicheng | Singapore | 2007 | 15:35 mins | PG

Are dogs truly a man’s best friend? This documentary explores one woman’s extreme love affair with her dogs.

My Home, My Heaven
Muhammad EySham Ali | Singapore | 2006 | 14 mins | PG

Ahmad, a juvenile delinquent, is released from his time in a Boy’s Home. After his return home, Ahmad finds himself at crossroads again despite his efforts to redeem himself from the past. Ahmad is still trying to find his way home.

Para Asia (For Asia)
Fran Borgia | Singapore | 2007 | 7:05 mins | PG

A young man coming to terms with the death of the love of his life, finds a way to keep the memories alive.

Silent Girls
Ric Aw | Singapore | 2007 | 20 mins | NC16

Two 16-year-old girls get lost in the strange world of love, sex and the internet. Will their friendship save them?

Wet Seasons
Michael Tay | Singapore | 2007 | 6 mins | NC16

A tribute to the filmmaker’s father who passed away six years ago, Wet Seasons emotive story is enhanced by the combination of live-action and stop-motion animation.

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