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12 Storeys

8 December 2007


12 Storeys

12 Storeys

“The most important Singaporean film yet made.”
Derek Malcolm, Chief Film Critic of the Guardian

“12 Storeys is a showpiece that the nation can be proud of”
The Straits Times

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Eric Khoo’s multi-award winning 12 Storeys reopens at Sinema Old School to a brand new audience.

Ah Gu is a chubby, middle-aged loser who has married a woman from China and is unprepared for the discovery that she’s a gold-digger with a less-than-zero commitment to the marraige. San-San is a single woman so crushed since infancy by her late mother’s contempt that she still hears it ringing in her ears, day-in, day-out. And Trixie and her kid brother are not-so-covert rebels against their elder brother Meng, who talks like a public service announcement and has a real problem with his authoritarian impulses.

OPENS 12 DECEMBER 2007 at Sinema Old School.

Tickets at SGD$5 and SGD$4 for student concession.
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