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‘881’ OST 2 released1 min read

9 October 2007 < 1 min read


‘881’ OST 2 released1 min read

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The long-awaited second release of the soundtrack to Royston Tan’s getai musical film 881 finally came last friday. Following the success of the first soundtrack, which sold out within days, OST 2 comes packed with the remaining songs (more Hokkien tunes) left out of the first commercial release.

881The new release also includes a bonus DVD containing a video recording of the cast and crew’s live performance at the Dragonfly pub in St James Powerstation during the launch of the first OST.

Fans of the film will be happy to find that the new soundtrack also has newly recorded songs featuring the cast vocals of Mindee Ong, Yeo Yann Yann, Qi Yu Wu and Royston, who also lent his vocals to songs in the first OST.

Among the new recordings is Mindee’s debut single, which was specially written for her by Eric Ng, the main composer and arranger behind both the OSTs, and director of music label Funkie Monkies.

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