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Breaking News: ‘881’ enters The 44th Golden Horse Awards Competition1 min read

29 August 2007 2 min read


Breaking News: ‘881’ enters The 44th Golden Horse Awards Competition1 min read

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Royston Tan’s 881 has just been submitted to the prestigious Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Competition for over ten categories, including Best Director, Best Feature Film, Best Actor / Actress and Best Song in Film.

881Raintree Pictures, one of the five co-producers, was quoted in a local newspaper saying that the submission was in support of the local film industry and is a way to market local films to a wider audience, and will continue to submit films every year. Its spokesperson also expressed high hopes for the film’s release in Taiwan, citing that the language and culture from the film was similar to that of Taiwan.

Daniel Yun, Managing Director of MediaCorp’s Raintree Pictures was also quoted in the papers, saying that he in particular was eyeing the Best Director and Best Actor / Actress awards.

Liu Ling Ling, Qi Yiwu and Mindee Ong were all nominated for the award, and expressed their surprise and delight. Yiwu said: “I’m really happy, I hope that we get nominated and the film can let foreigners know more about Singapore. I believe 881 is a film that will propel the Singapore film industry to step outside of its borders.”

Now in its 44th year, the competition has just opened for submissions and is currently receiving submissions from films from all over the world.

881 is currently in its 3rd week in the cinemas and will be exported overseas to countries such as Malaysia, England, Australia, Korea and Japan. It will also be screened at the Pusan Film Festival in October.

We wish 881 (and Royston) all the best!

  1. Ken

    great! 881 will definitely attract attention from the taiwanese since the movie has many songs in hokkien. A Royston's movie on Singapore's culture is definitely more presentable than a Jack's Neo film on Singaporean complaining on goverment's policies.

  2. Wang

    I just love the soundtrack !! Getai is just so a different thing that the younger generation has already forgotten. Great !!

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