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On TV: House of Harmony1 min read

24 August 2007 < 1 min read


On TV: House of Harmony1 min read

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A month-long screening of local films on Arts Central wraps up this weekend with House of Harmony starring Fann Wong and Maggie Q set in Singapore and Los Angeles in an adaptation of Barbara Woods’ bestselling novel.

HouseofHarmonyThe film has been broadcasted to Germany, France, Austria and Belgium to a combined prime-time audience numbering of over 80 million, and has won a Silver Award in the 2005 Queensland Awards for Cinematography, awarded by the Australian Cinematographers Society.

The movie will be aired in two parts: First on Sunday at 9pm, then Part 2 on Monday at 9pm, in its original Mandarin with English subtitles.

  1. auryan

    zhu houren can show me some picture about u all family

  2. mo

    don't let yourself be fooled by the numbers here. that 80M is nothing but the combined markets' maximum audience reach during prime-time IN THEORY! in fact it never got anywhere close to that, although it did fairly well. likewise the official reference data MDA will give you is a cheat as they add&round up ratings for pt.1 and 2, while it would be logical to assume that the same people who watched the first part would tune in for the second as well. which they did: 7M (1) and 6M (2) respectively. that's the figures for Germany, the other markets mentioned all are smaller.

  3. Keine

    Wow... nice to know that Arts Central is showing this film in Mandarin. Cable showed it previously in German and find it weird... haha.. There are also other Singapore actors featured in the film too e.g Zhu Houren and Jin Yinji. There is also a steamy scene of Fann Wong in bed with the Ang Moh guy showing her back!!! :) WILL DEFINITELY SUPPORT THIS FILM!

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