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I Love Sg -Take the Pledge to support local talents1 min read

9 August 2007 < 1 min read


I Love Sg -Take the Pledge to support local talents1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute– the pledge, is a non-profit movement started and supported by the very people who create works; and really care about our nation’s creative endeavors. This pledge is a simple testament to our conviction and support for our local talents.

The pledge reads:In support of Singapore made films, music, design and the arts, I pledge to do the following at least once every year:

WATCH a made-in-Singapore film in the cinema and/or buy the original DVD.

BUY a made-in-Singapore MUSIC ALBUM and/or attend a Singapore musician’s performace or concert.

BUY a work of a Singaporean ARTIST or DESIGNER and/or attend an exhibition or performance by a Singaporean artist or designer.

Visit to take the pledge today! There are other ways to show your support, visit the site for more ideas.

This movement is a collaboration between,, timbré and caffeine.

Co-Founder of Originasian Pictures. Creative Director of Caffeine Creative.
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