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The Torch: Introduction2 min read

21 December 2006 2 min read


The Torch: Introduction2 min read

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Hi there!

There’s a little something on the way for you to check out and digest in between the menu’s main courses. Beginning today, you’ll find a specially designed fortnightly column here on, presented to you our dear users and visitors by our very own com-oddity: mo.

Well, “who’s this?”, you may rightfully ask.

First of all, mo considers himself to be (and indeed is) nothing but fiction. He bears no resemblance to anyone, hardly himself. And this is already the second only confirmed fact out there. The rest is all silence.

But there are abundant rumors available, too, and we thought it best to present the more credible ones to you.

Remember, when TV programming still used to be discontinued late at night and during the wee hours of the day? The kinds of test-signals that saved your screen from any unpleasant diversion at that time? That’s apparently where mo’s preferred dwelling place is: amidst the static and the dots and all the neatly sequenced colour bars, the white noise of all our safest off-line dreams…

He hates being photographed, fears stray cats at night, and never got over it when they said that the era of postmodernism was officially over. He doesn’t believe it to this day!

These are reportedly his most striking characteristics, or antics for that matter:

mo thinks he’s so clever, he likes to instruct others.
he is offensive, some may even consider him rude.
he never gets personal, though (how could he? he doesn’t know anybody…).
he is opinionated, but some think him mistaken most of the time.
he contradicts himself and doesn’t care.
he doesn’t believe in anything, except for the power of the word.
and in self-fulfilling prophecies, in part.
he affords you to take a stance.
he favors the marginal.

But none of this appears to be grounded in actual fact and maybe obscurity is nothing but a cheat, really. What is beyond reasonable doubt however is the column’s name, “The Torch”. A torch can do two things: set things on fire, or serve to enlighten you when darkness most calls for it.

You may hear a quite unlikeable, pretentious voice from time to time. That’s on purpose, for the author will allow for himself to adopt points of view alien to his own personal convictions simply for the sake of argument, or to enliven discussion on topics he figures capable of yielding or eliciting interesting responses — or harrowing objections. Both will be equally welcome!

So, you’re invited to disagree. mo looks forward to your feedback.

Therefore: Be open-minded always! And don’t take him too seriously, because offense is always with the one who takes it!

Look out for mo’s comments on the arts, films and filmmaking in “The Torch” every other Thursday.

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