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Poll – Watch a Singapore or “Imported” Film?1 min read

14 December 2006 < 1 min read


Poll – Watch a Singapore or “Imported” Film?1 min read

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Going to the cinema is an investment not only with money but time as well. Why should we pay the usual $8 to $9.50 to watch an unknown Singapore indie flick when I can get “higher” returns from a US$250 million Hollywood production? Given that with the current indie film production budgets in Singapore, would a subsidised price encourage you to give Singapore films a try?


  1. Elvenlights

    Doesn't it depends on what the individual perceives as "returns"??? I mean, it depends on what the individual is going to the theatre for. And I've had a lecture where we watched a high speed car chase down Boat Quay in AD2000... Trust me, any sort of those things crack people up more than Britney doing the macarena. Sg films do not need to become HK action flick clones!!!

  2. bluebin

    To change the mind set of Singaporeans is to make better films. Not necessary explosions and special effects. Even some indie foreign films attract a wide audience here. I think the reason is the stories touched them. That's my take. :)

  3. Sinema

    Hmm, I would think otherwise actually. I know alot of people who has visited the site would still place their money on a safe bet, opting to catch the film on DVDs instead. This is more like a feasibility study to see if something could be done about subsidizing ticket prices. I've had comments that unless Singapore films start having explosions and gunfire, they would rather read about it than watch. =)

  4. strangeknight

    You do realise that your answers are going to be terribly skewed right? Given that your site is likely to attract people who are predisposed towards Singaporean film in the first place ;)

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