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Best of First Take @ Moving Images – The Substation Theatre2 min read

3 December 2006 2 min read


Best of First Take @ Moving Images – The Substation Theatre2 min read

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To round up this year’s First Take showcase, The Substation‘s Moving Images programme presents “The Best of First Take” — a selection of 8 short films voted as the audience’s favourites throughout the year.

Check out the featured line-up!

  • Carrot Cake by Swee Wee Keong
    This film tracks a day in the life of a carrot cake seller. Standing in a corner of a food centre, she watches the hungry crowds pass her by. The film takes a realistic and at-times humorous look at what she does behind closed doors.
  • SubTV by Jacky Lee
    This is a series of short promo clips for a new television channel targeted at teenagers. The channel aims to attract its viewers with an “out-of-this-world” mentality. SubTV is unconventional, one of its kind, television at its rawest.
  • Scott The Martyr Lives Forever by Lachlan McLeod
    Scott becomes fed up with his temporal existence and locks himself in a “timeless” room. Starved of food and water, he attempts to die for his futile cause.
  • Forgotten Merlion by Ghazi Alqudcy, Ezzam Rahman and Sazeli Jalal
    Do you still remember your National Anthem? We sing it every morning during our school days and when we step into adulthood, we forget most of the lines. An instructional video to Singapore¹s National Anthem.
  • The Untouchable by Haris Jumadi
    Adam, the quiet nice-guy introvert, hides behind the lens of his camera to get away from the dangers of the outside world. He often feels empty inside — till the day he met HER at the bus stop. Will he talk to her? Or will his inner conscience stop him first?
  • Kau Selalu Dihatiku; “You’re always in my heart” aka “You’re the Only One” by Ghaz Alqudcy
    “We are together not because of lust, but fated by god” — Hajjah Siti Bte Rahim. A real-life account of three couples who felt the love for each other that last till now.
  • Substitute by Mark Song
    This film is a musing on our lives, touring through a day of individual desire, regret, lust, disappointment and the mundane.
  • Waking Monkey by Yeo Siew Hua
    A short film about the mischief and adventures of a girl who tries to steal cookies from the jar but fails to do so. She seeks the help from her elder brother destined to eternal slumber. A fuzzy film about the little wonders in life we fail to see sometimes.
  • Watch “The Best of First Take” at the Substation Theatre on Tuesday, December 5 at 8 pm.
    First Take gives new filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work and meet other like-minded folks to trade ideas. It ran every first Tuesday of the month in 2006 and will shift to every first Monday of the month in 2007. Submit your film to next year’s First Take by completing this Substation form [Word] and emailing it to the Substation:

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