Sinema Services

Digital Cinema Package Conversion Rates
Festival Use Commercial Use
Turnaround Time 7 Business Days 2-3 Business Days
2K DCP $120/12 Minute Block $240/12 Minute Block
1 Year Archiving Free Free
Resizing Free Free
Additional DCP Services
Subtitles $50/track
Additional Soundtracks $50/track
Media Purchase Options
Online Transfer (5 minutes or less) Free
Flash Drive (15 minutes or less) $30
USB Hard Drive (more than 15mins) $150
Optical Disc Authoring Services
Blu-Ray Encoding
(included Basic pre-made template with chapter)
DVD Encoding
(included Basic pre-made template with chapter)
Blu-Ray Media $20/disc
DVD Media $5/disc
Talent Showreels Editing Service – for Actors, Presenters, Singers, Dancers
Digitisation and conversion of DVDs/tapes/data files (up to 12 clips)
Colour correction and re-mastering of low quality footage
Audio enhancement
3-4 min edit
Royalty-free production music (if necessary)
Final video reel in high resolution mp4
Package Price: $350
Optional services:
Additional digital formats
Additional clips
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