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7 Letters, easily a must-see for SG50 celebrations, is an omnibus national film made by 7 Singapore directors. It premiered last Friday to a standing ovation. First reactions were exhilratingly positive with accolades all round. Like the colours of the rainbow, each filmmaker’s personal letter to Singapore in celebration of …

What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You a Stronger Filmmaker. You’ve got to admit, anyone who has the courage to partake in the film production business in these times of economic paranoia. ‘Blood Ties’ is a debut film directed by the newest kid on the film block, Chai Yee Wei. While …

This film rounds up this year’s selection of Singapore and Singaporean-made feature films, and 2008 is certainly a bumper year crop to many of us who’ve been observing the growth of Singapore cinema culture.

That is the war cry resonating through the cinema halls this August. It is almost official August is the Singapore film month. Adding to the national patriotic flavor and fervor, August is also the month where Singaporeans celebrate National Day.

Firstly I have to apologize to my readers whom I have left dry for several months. There have been many film-related issues that have excited me to share, but sadly priorities have distracted me from my monthly rant writing.

The year 2008 has started with film projects abuzz. We are at the cusp of our first quarter of the year, and already Singapore has been treated with two local cinema releases of Singapore-made features with more in store from ardent film distributor Golden Village.