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History abounds with tales of the great museum heists, from the Louvre’s Mona Lisa heist of 1911 to the Gardner Museum, Boston, heist of 1990. Kevin Ang harbours no such great ambitions following in the steps of these daring men: all he wants to do is steal a million-dollar smartphone prototype from Singapore’s Museum of Design so he can sell it to the highest bidder. In order to do that, he enlists the help of three accomplices – Alvin the museum security guard, Khai a former Special Ops officer and Lisa, a tech expert who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend. Besides helping Kevin out …

SINGAPORE: Television will be a major medium of the Presidential Election campaign, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) outlining guidelines for the election. In a release on campaigning for the Presidential Election on Friday, it said because of the TV medium’s wide reach at the national level, the medium will allow voters to assess the candidates in a manner in keeping with the decorum and dignity of the office of President.
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Fast-talking comedian Willy Revillame is one of the most popular television personalities in the Philippines with a legion of poor fans who crave the thick wads of cash he hands out to audience members. But to many critics, the 50-year-old star represents all that is wrong with an industry that they say has for years promoted low-brow entertainment and toilet humour.
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A mountaineer-philanthropist who shot into the best-seller lists with a book detailing his efforts to build girls’ schools in remote villages of Pakistan and Afghanistan fudged many of the facts in his heart-swelling story and has exaggerated the extent of his charity work, claims a documentary by CBS News to be broadcast in the US tonight.
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The BBC stands accused of being ‘a cheerleader for assisted suicide’ after filming a man killing himself at the notorious Dignitas clinic for a controversial documentary. Sir Terry Pratchett, a prominent supporter of euthanasia, presents the programme which follows a man in the late stages of motor neurone disease as he travels from Britain to the Swiss clinic.
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MediaCorp has won three World Medals at the 2011 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards. The winning entries are programmes that were produced for and telecast on Channel NewsAsia, Channel 5 and okto, as well as a documentary produced for the international market.