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Operation Mekong

A China-Hong Kong co-production, the film is based on real events and tells the story of a merchant vessel operating in the Mekong River Delta in 2011 that was attacked by bandits leaving 13 people dead. Chinese authorities teamed up with police forces from Thailand, Laos and Burma to launch an investigation into the incident when a massive stash of drugs was found on board. “Operation” Mekong reunites the director once more with Taiwanese leading man Eddie Peng, whom he has previously worked with on box office smash “Unbeatable” and this summer’s cycling drama “To The Fore”. Peng will play …
Feng Sheng Bang

A long time ago, a determined King Zhou, supported by his concubine Daji, sets his mind on conquering the Middle Kingdom. After years of slaughter, the unyielding Adept tribes have been eliminated in succession. Jiang and General Ji from Qishan are King Zhou’s longstanding opponents. Under a divinatory sign, Jiang discovers that the Sword of Light can reverse the adversity. Starring: Jet Li, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Louis Koo, Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Read the full article here >> via: M.A.A.C. Image and Trailer Credit: China Star Entertainment Group

Every Steven Spielberg movie is an event, because why would you not celebrate every time one of the great living artists creates a new work? Sure, he’s always operated within a populist realm, finding ways to please the masses, but there has never been another filmmaker who has done so with such craft and ability. Spielberg is one of the great filmmakers, a man whose legacy keeps on evolving with each film. You can count his genuine failures on one hand. So yes, I’m excited to see what Spielberg does with The BFG. Spielberg’s sense of wonder should make a …

If you’re one of the DC Comics fans who ended up disappointed by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the good news is that there’s one more film you can look forward to later this year that will expand the cinematic universe and might lessen the blow. Suicide Squad is bringing together a bunch of villains and nefarious criminals from the comic books for a ragtag assembly of unlikely heroes who are tasked with “unsavory” missions, only so that if they go wrong, no one respectable can be blamed. Now a new Suicide Squad trailer has surfaced from overseas, showing …
Monkey Twins

Monkey gods figure large in both Thai and Chinese folklore and theatre traditions with monkey god Hanuman figuring large in Thai lore with magical monkey Sun Wukong figuring large in China. And the pair are meeting in upcoming Thai action comedy Monkey Twins. Co-directed by Nonthakorn Taweesuk and Weerapol Pumartfon – the writer of Ong Bak 2 and action choreographer of Tom Yum Goong 2, respectively – builds the theatrical traditions of both countries deep into the bones of the film and given the experience and skill set of the directors it comes as no surprise that the quality of …
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 – Sword of Destiny

Starring : Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen, Harry Shum Jr, Natasha Bordizzo, Jason Scott Lee, Roger Yuan, Eugenia Yuan Synopsis : The sequel tells the story of a group of noble and legendary knights and soldiers who fight for peace and justice by protecting a 400-year old blade named The Green Destiny in Qing Dynasty China. Image and Trailer Credit: Netflix