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Tiffany Ng

Tiffany Ng

Simplicity is beauty. A highlight in the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival, WHITE DAYS captured the attention of many with its simple cinematography and spontaneous relationship between the characters. Singaporean director Lei Yuan Bin shares with us the inspirations that went behind his film.

A review by Tiffany Ng Supermen of Malegaon One man’s dream of film making becomes an impoverished town’s reality of hope for a better life. In Malegaon, film makers are considered heroes.

Accomplished American writer and Hollywood’s screenplay guru, Syd Field, is bound for Singapore this March to provide a Masterclass on Screewriting. The writer of the hot-selling book, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting, has been regarded as the leading authority in the art and craft of screenwriting.

Looking at the title, one might think that the film is one that will embrace the nobility of love and how it triumphs over multitudes of obstacles. However, Director Tan Chui Mui puts a twist to this perspective of noble love.

Translated to English, Apa Khabar Orang Kampung (AKOK for short) means, How Are You, Villagers? It is a multi-perspective documentary that uses its form more than its content to convey a message.

Three couples; three different versions of love. What is your idea of love? What do you feel when your boy/girlfriend asks you to get married? Will you be happy? Afraid? Do you even want to get married?