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Here’s a list of what the press has written about us and our programmes;

  • Press Release | 22 Oct 2012 Full Article
    “Sinema+GV Partners Singapore Film Commission to focus on independent films by Overseas Singaporeans this November at GV Grand”
  • Press Release | 22 Oct 2012 Full Article
    “Two-month long initiative by Singapore Film Commission and partners to screen 28 Singapore films, including iconic films not commercially released previously”
  • Press Release | 15 Aug 2012 Full Article
    Sinema Officially Kicks Off September Screenings at GV Grand”
  • Fact Sheet | 30 June 2012 Full Article
    “Shooting Gallery Asia is to merge with Sinema Media and that both entities will be working as one.”
  • Yahoo! Singapore | 7 June 2012 Full Article
    “Indie films find a new home in Singapore.”
  • The Straits Times | 6 June 2012 
    “Independent cinema outfit is moving out of its Old School location at the end of the month but it has found a new lease of life in a tie-up with exhibitor Golden Village.”
  • Press Release | 10 May 2012 Full Article
    “Sinema Old School may have closed its doors, but it does not mean a permanent goodbye to the independent film scene. Fans of auteur films will have every reason to sit up and eagerly anticipate the return of Sinema’s screenings at Golden Village.”
  • Zaobao | 8 October 2011 
    “坐落在苏菲亚艺术区 “旧学校” 的 “新戏院”, 已决定在周六放映最后三场电影之后,暂停放映电影的业务。而 “旧学校” 的租约明年六月到期后,也将让位给住宅建设.”
  • The Straits Times | 8 October 2011 
    “Managed by a private group, Old School has an arts adoption programme, hosting groups like Sinema Old School, a cinema for local film-makers, and sponsoring dozens of creativearts programmes for budding artists, photographers and film-makers.”
  • Monocle | Sep 2011
    Domestic cinema
  • The New Paper | 10 February 2011
    “Sinema Old School has been providing invaluable opportunities to young film-makers for the past three years. . . The theatre is a haven for those who long to show their films as they are meant to be seen — in a dark room on a big screen.”
  • GoodPaper | Passion For Change | January 2011 
    Two artists, social entrepreneur Adeline Yeo and filmmaker Nicholas Chee, express their views on why change is good, and why passion is the key ingredient.
  • | 6 December 2010 Full Article
    Sinema Old School also hosts the annual Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF), screening a variety of movies, especially those of the art-house variety. Somewhat obscure films may also find their way here, and with tickets ranging from as low as $5 to $8 at maximum, it’s an inexpensive way to explore thought-provoking movies.”
  • GoLibrary | Ever wanted to start up your own grassroots project? | August 2010 
    “Our cover man this month, Nicholas Chee, of Sinema Old School, so believed in the power of Singapore cinema that he and co-founder Rnady Ang set up a movie theatre screening only Singaporean movies in 2007. . . It’s been almost three years since Sinema burst into the arts scene. This August, we check in with Nicholas Chee to see how things have changed, or if things have stayed the same.”
  • | 16 November 2009 Full Article
    This underrated venue may look pretty drab from the outside, but within exists a nest of indie movies, local music and cutting-edge modern art...”
  • TimeOut SingaporeFilm- The golden age of Sinema | April 2009 Full Article
    “Tucked underneath a flight of stairs is a small room plastered in movie posters, selling movie memorabilia and stacks of DVDs. This is the retail space for Sinema Old School’s cash-and-credit goodies, but the main action happens outside the store on a modest wooden bench. It’s out here that the directors meet regularly to discuss plans to further their campaign. The goal? To improve local industry standards, thus making Singapore a regional leader in film.”
  • | 2009 Watch Video
    For the past three months, Monocle editors, writers and photographers have been shuttling in and out of Singapore to interview CEOs, check out on the rise neighbourhoods, meet the country’s cinema sirens and even visit the odd oil refinery for our second national survey.

  • Monocle – Singapore Survey  – Top 10 Actors, Directors, Producers | 2009
    Original article link.
  • The Straits Times | Life! Movies – Love Eventually | Dec 2008
    Then Sinema came to the recue. The venue’s co-founder film-maker Nicolas Chee, 30, said: “When i first saw 18 Grams at SIFF, I was very impressed by it. The film is good, the acting is fantastic and I really loved it. I wanted to screen it at Sinema so more people could get to watch such a good film.
    — Director Han Yew Kwang, who was unable to screen successful film 18 Grams of Love in commercial cinemas due to inability to raise funds of $150,000 for film transfer and prints.

  • Home Theatre | Sinema Old School: Get some national education at this indie theatre that is dedicated to local films | February 2008
    “While the 130-seater theatre is properly fitted with a Panasonic DW7000 projector and RAMSA 2.1 mix sound system, it’s the friendly, inviting atmosphere that stands out most- which is precisely what founder Ang and Nicholas Chee wanted to achieve. . . At the moment, it’s the only cinema in Asia that runs exclusively on Apple TV, which has a capacity of up to 1080i video quality. And while most filmmakers are content to have their works screened in beta format, the team is insistent that content be upscaled to at least 720p.” 
  • The Straits Times | Only Made in S’pore films at this Sinema | 12 December 2007
    “If they (film-makers) can’t get a commercial release, they can always come to Sinema Old School. Good or bad film, we don’t care. If it’s a Singapore film, we’ll show it.”

Awards & Achievements:

  • TimeOut, Sing our praises! Best independent Cinema Award | March 2010
    “Promotes the culture and encourages professionals and amateurs alike to mingle and learn from one another via weekly workshops, monthly seminars and regular screenings and talk back sessions.”


  • TimeOut, TimeOut 2010 Best of Awards | March 2010
    “It is with great pleasure that we present this award to Sinema Old school for Best Independent Cinema, this annual award commends excellence and outstanding achievement”

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