Three SE Asian Films You Can Watch On Netflix Now

17 June 2019


Three SE Asian Films You Can Watch On Netflix Now

Actor Aidil Rusli writes:

JUNE 15 — The Netflix debate among those involved in the film industry will perhaps only end with either the demise of Netflix itself, or the theatrical distribution model championed by those who are opposed to Netflix’s subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) business model.

However that debate eventually turns out, the real winners now are the viewers, especially those in countries or areas where the theatrical distribution model only serves them with a limited amount of viewing choices, more often than not skewed more towards the Hollywood side of things.

As SVOD services like Netflix and Amazon battle to strengthen their position in the marketplace, the need to broaden their horizons and serve as many segments of the market as possible has meant that even niche markets are getting their share of service from these SVOD providers.

That’s how tweets have surfaced from all over the world about our very own Paskal, and even festival titles (like Cannes prizewinner Divines) have ended up on Netflix, probably getting more views internationally than they’d expect for such a niche title.

Probably thanks to the huge success of The Night Comes For Us last year, 2019 has seen a slew of new Asian and South-east Asian action movies surface on Netflix.

And don’t even get me started on the totally unexpected arrival of Singapore’s Locarno prizewinner A Land Imagined on Netflix, the acquisition of which might have been helped by the success of another Singaporean title last year, Shirkers.

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Photo credit: Bloomberg