BREAKING: ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards 2019 Announces This Year’s Winners

13 June 2019


BREAKING: ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards 2019 Announces This Year’s Winners

The fifth annual ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards 2019 were announced this Thursday 13 June, honouring the short films produced by young, aspiring Singaporean film-makers and students.

The awards ceremony, held  at Joyden Hall in Bugis+, concluded the five-day ciNE65 festival. It included a total of 113 entries from both the student and open categories. In addition to announcing the winners of the ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards, the awards for the Jury’s Choice Awards and Audience Choice Awards were also presented during the ceremony. Following the prize presentations were screenings for Overall Best Films and Favourite Film.

The theme for this year’s competition was “Singapura”, calling on filmmakers to reflect on the stories of our past generations that make us Singaporean and how we want these stories to live on for future generations to come.

This year, ciNE65 engaged local and regional film industry professionals of the likes of Sunny Chan, Hideho Urata, and Heiward Mak to be on the panel of judges. The awards ceremony was attended by Guest-of-Honour Dr Maliki Osman, Senior Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs.

“As the participation of ciNE65 went up, the quality of entries has also significantly increased…whether you walk away with an award, you have played a significant role in telling our story,”  said Dr Osman

Overall Best Film

STUDENT CATEGORY WINNER: My Homeland: A Photography Project by Grandpa Chen



Movie Makers Award

OVERALL WINNER: My Homeland: A Photography Project by Grandpa Chen (Director: Jastine Tan)


The Jury’s Choice Awards

The Jury’s Choice Awards comprised of eight technical awards for both the Student and Open Categories respectively. In addition to the eight technical awards, participants from both categories can also compete for the Movie Makers Awards. The Jury’s Choice Awards will be determined by a selection panel made up of industry professionals and the organiser.

OVERALL BEST DOCUMENTARY: Mum’s Last Day at Work – Mingen Seafood (Director: Kevin Ng)

Student Category

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kampong (Cinematographers: Gary Chia Yew Hong & Chong Ying Xiang)

BEST DIRECTION: Broken (Director: Effie Poh Jingyi)

BEST EDITING: Eches of 1965 (Canberra Secondary School)

BEST SCREENPLAY: Built to Last (Scriptwriter: Haziq Adam De Silva)

BEST SOUND DESIGN: Pulau Ujong (Sound Designer: Xu Rui Yang)

BEST ART DIRECTION: Chope (Art Director: Natalie Yong Enxin)


Open Category

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: 一人一半 (Cinematographer: Braven Yeo)

BEST DIRECTION: 一人一半 (Director: Jonathan Cheok)

BEST EDITING: Ah Gong Garden (Editors: Al-Azmir Bin Ibrahim & Lim Ziyu)

BEST SCREENPLAY: $ingapura (Scriptwriter: Lan Yu)

BEST SOUND DESIGN: Sound of Home (Sound Designer: Muhammad Farhan Bin Yahya)

BEST ART DIRECTION: 一人一半 (Art Director: Mok Justin)


ciNE65 Audience Choice Awards

The Audience Choice Awards comprised of three awards – Favourite Film, Favourite Actor and Favourite Actress. The winners were determined by the total number of votes received from the public.


FAVOURITE FILM: Echoes of 1965

FAVOURITE ACTOR: Qushyrie Mahmud (Jay from Battle-Field)

FAVOURITE ACTRESS: Marleen Toh (Young Mei from Rojak)


Inter-school Challenge Award

The Inter-school Challenge Award was given to the school with the highest number of quality entries submitted in the Student Category (by teams comprising all members from the same school).


OVERALL WINNER: Temasek Polytechnic

In an interview with The New Paper, local actor Edmund Chen, a judge for ciNE65 2019, said: “We received a diverse range of short film entries that explored stories from the Merdeka Generation, our hawker culture and growing up in multicultural Singapore.

Sinema would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants!

About ciNE65

Launched in July 2011, ciNE65 is the largest national platform for film students and young film-makers to produce short films that deepen our sense of belonging to Singapore. It encourages aspiring young film-makers to share what Singapore means to them. ciNE65 2019 consists of four commissioned films, a short film competition “ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards” (ciNE65 MMA), filmmaking seminars and workshops, and the ciNE65 Festival. More information can be found here.