NEWS: Momo Film Co’s Newest Film ‘Sunday’ Selected For International Short Fest

4 June 2019


NEWS: Momo Film Co’s Newest Film ‘Sunday’ Selected For International Short Fest

Momo Film Co works with emerging Southeast Asian filmmakers to produce bold, vibrant, culturally distinct content for a global audience. In 2019 their focus is on young female filmmakers with a strong, meaningfully subversive voice. Their upcoming collaborations include independent female writer/directors from Singapore and Thailand.

After her last short film, You Idiot, whose feature at the 29th Singapore International Film Festival programme Variety helmed as part of ‘the best and most diverse new local work,’ Kris Ong’s newest short film Sunday has been selected to premiere at 25th Palm Springs International Short Fest.

The 26 year-old Chinese-Singaporean filmmaker is the only Southeast Asian representative to be selected at this year’s festival, the largest short film festival and market in North America.

Sunday tells the story of a young woman with a full body rash, and how she is driven to violence during a forbidden encounter with her sister’s boyfriend. Written and directed by Kris Ong, the short film is an unsettling, daring emotional dive into the world of a sexually repressed woman ready to explode.

Described by film magazine Filmed In Ether as “a breath of fresh air and a declaration of the potential in Singapore’s next wave of filmmakers,” Kris founded boutique film production company Momo Film Co in 2018 with producer Tan Si En.

As Singapore’s youngest but quickly establishing independent female producer, Si En produced Sunday, and most recently produced Cannes Film Festival and Golden Horse Award-winning filmmaker Anthony Chen’s second feature film Wet Season (to be released late 2019.)

“After working in the industry for a few years, we noticed a continued lack of opportunities for emerging independent Southeast Asian filmmakers to have their films produced and distributed. We set up Momo Film Co in 2018 to support a new generation of short film filmmakers whose voices and stories we think global audiences will find spiriting and meaningful,” says Kris Ong.

About Palm Springs International Short Fest
A highly competitive festival, ShortFest receives 5,000± submissions from over 100 countries around the globe. Approximately 325 shorts are selected and screened in 90-minute themed programs, with many of the remaining titles available for viewing in the Market. An Oscar®, BAFTA® and Los Premios Goya-qualifying festival, ShortFest has presented more than 100 shorts that have gone on to receive Oscar®
nominations and/or awards.

About Momo Film Co
Momo Film Co is a boutique film company founded in 2018 by Tan Si En and Kris
Ong. The company works with emerging filmmakers across the Southeast Asian
region to develop culturally distinct films for a global audience.