CLASSROOM: 10 Screenwriting Lessons from Fight Club

3 June 2019


CLASSROOM: 10 Screenwriting Lessons from Fight Club

Producer and writer Jason Hellerman writes:

Fight Club burst onto the scene in 1999 and the walls of both men and women’s dorm rooms were never the same. The shirtless photo of a bloody and bruised Brad Pitt became an idol to people all over the world and still stands out amongst his filmography as one of his best performances. Where were you when you first heard aboutFight Club? You know, the movie with the ending you had to see to believe?

Now, I’m rewatching to learn some writing lessons for myself. Lucky for me, Behind the Curtain put together a collection of sound bites from Chuck Palahniuk (book author), Jim Uhls (screenwriter), and David Fincher (director) where they explain how Fight Club happened and what they learned from working on the movie.

1. Go to Church

The idea for the book came from Palahniuk going back and forth volunteering at church. He got to see hospice people first hand and learned what it was like to go to these support groups. Inspiration is all around you. Let your weird or most interesting impulses carry you forward. Sometimes the way to be inspired to write comes from getting out of the house. Don’t be afraid to live in the real world.

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