COMMENTARY: Are We Really Ready for Vertical TV?

13 May 2019


COMMENTARY: Are We Really Ready for Vertical TV?

As TV manufacturers search for something — anything — to differentiate their sets, Samsung has hit on the novel idea of a 43-inch quantum dot (presumably 4K) that can be rotated through 90 degrees to a vertical position. Launching at the end of the month in Korea for in the region of $1600, it has provided the sort of merry pitchforking that serves well to distract us from the usual doom and gloom of climate change, global politics, disease epidemics, trolls, haters, and the like.

War, death, famine, plague, and vertical video? It sounds a bit harsh but this TV has angered a lot of people. Much of the blame for its existence seems to be firmly placed on the shoulders of millennials; a generation that is rapidly being blamed for everything wrong with the world, even though it has been the boomers that have actually been in charge of everything for a while now. Millennials though, the argument goes, are morally bankrupt enough to want to watch Insta-stories in their native vertical.

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Image credit: Samsung