CLASSROOM: Types of Film Lights (and How to Use Them)

10 May 2019


CLASSROOM: Types of Film Lights (and How to Use Them)

Film Lighting

Writer and producer Jason Hellerman writes:

Your film lighting matters in every shot. It can help you set the tone, look professional, and create the atmosphere of your story. We’ve deconstructed lighting on No Film School before, but today we want to aggregate all the ideas and techniques behind picking a lighting scheme for your film. These are video lighting setups and film lighting setups that are crucial to storytelling.

Aside from the camera, lens, and angle, learning how to shape and utilize film lighting is one of the most important lessons and trademarks a filmmaker can have in their toolkit.  And that’s more than just a 3 point lighting setup. It’s a cinematic look.

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Photo Credit: No Film School