NEWS: Sony’s New AI Brain Makes Live Production Easier Than Ever

7 February 2019


NEWS: Sony’s New AI Brain Makes Live Production Easier Than Ever

In schools, large businesses and government offices, video has become an essential communications tool. Indeed, the professional AV industry is several times larger than that of broadcast with non-media and entertainment uses of video tech outpacing that of film and TV. The difference, of course, is that video production is what film and TV producers do but the skills are not core in other markets where the responsibility for installing, managing and maintaining kit falls to under-resourced AV and IT departments.

NewTek, Blackmagic Design and others have come up with generally inexpensive solutions for this that make a virtue of being relatively easy to use with little training while delivering professional quality video.

Sony has gone a step further, introducing AI into the mix with a new solution targeted expressly at the budget end of corporate and educational video production.

The product, which debuts at Europe’s leading proAV exhibition ISE next week, is robotically titled REA-C1000 and is built to allows users to create video in real time, without the need for specialised training, additional staff or equipment.

The base model uses motion and face detection and colour and shape to analyse the input it receives from cameras then automatically extracts the object in focus to combine it with other images in real time. Effectively this makes the REA-C1000 the brain connected to any camera and AV setup.

What is particularly interesting about the product, which is being sold later this spring, are its range of software add-ons which have been designed with the Pro AV market in mind.

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Image credit: Sony