NEWS: Panasonic Releases EVA1 Firmware 3.0, Brings HEVC H.265 Codec and More

4 February 2019


NEWS: Panasonic Releases EVA1 Firmware 3.0, Brings HEVC H.265 Codec and More

Panasonic just released the new EVA1 firmware 3.0. As with all previous versions, the download is available for free. The update brings HEVC H.265 codec in 4K 50p/60p, support for a third party USB-LAN adapter for multicam control, quicker switching of shooting modes and few more improvements.

Panasonic certainly takes a good care of their customers. In reaction to user feedback, they frequently release firmware updates for their cameras fixing issues and bringing new features. Their super35 cinema camera EVA1 already got two firmware updates since its introduction in 2017 (firmware 2.0 and firmware 2.5). Now it is time for another firmware update – the version 3.0. What is new?

The free upgrade is available today through the official Panasonic firmware update page. Key feature of the new update is HEVC H.265 codec that can record in 4K 50p/60p video with 4:2:0 10bit video sampling. Available bitrates are 200Mbps in 4K 50p/59.94p and 150Mbps in 4K 25p/29.97p. Compared to the existing H.264 codec, this allows up to twice the amount of compressed data, while maintaining the same high quality resolution. A week ago, after Panasonic introduced their new flagship handheld camcorder AG-CX350 with the H.265 4K 50p/60p mode, many EVA1 users were hoping their camera will get it too. So yes, here it is. Thank you, Panasonic.

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Image credit: Panasonic